Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mortar is messy...

Today I spent the whole day at my mom's laying tile in her sunroom.  I mortar and tiled the whole floor and I was impressed with myself. The first pic is the concrete floor before the tile.

and during...

and after the tile was laid but before the grout.

  I'm already sore in places I forgot I had.  Tomorrow is probably going to be a chore just to get out of bed.  But a mommy's work never ends and I must pull myself together to take care of my baby.  Then hopefully I can get the house clean or at least mostly clean and head back out to moms to grout the tile.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  I even want to start my own project in the kitchen with a decorative backsplash.  I really enjoyed laying the tile today.  Ben helped and I couldn't have done it without him! 

In honor of Valentine's EVE  I want to say how much I love my husband.  He is amazing and I could never imagine my life without him.  I've known him for 6 years, loved him for most of that time and we have been married almost a year now.  He is the sun to my sky.

Happy Valentine's Eve to everyone and hope it is as amazing as you wish it to be.  <3

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