Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Bliss

Was today really Saturday?  It didn't feel like Saturday...  Dawson was of course bored out of his mind even though he has a billion toys and a HUGE yard in which to play.  When Ben got home from work we went to my mom's to eat dinner.  She made salad with creamy Italian dressing, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic cheesy toast.  Yummy! After eating I set a grid to tile her sun room.  Tomorrow I'm going back to actually lay the tile and depending on how fast that drys I might grout it as well.  If not, I guess I'll go back Monday...  I was bored while she and Ben went to get some grouting supplies so I took some pics of things at my mom's.

These are sand dollars that she found on a beach on the East coast.  They stink.  But I'm sure they will be beautiful once they dry and she has a chance to clean them up.  I like how she had them laid out on that distressed piece of wood.  I think I want to do some editing of some kind on this one.

I haven't been home long from mom's.  I can not get warm.  I feel like my bones are cold.  I think this is the first winter that I have been this cold.  I usually am very hot natured like my grandmother Peebles was.  I usually didn't even run much heat in the winter but this one...  This one has been a doosie!  Might have something to do with my hormones after having Laylah or maybe an iron level in my blood?  I don't know but I can't wait for Spring.  NOT SUMMER... Just Spring.

Speaking of Spring, I'm trying to get a couple of bunnies to use in my Easter/Spring portraits!  Can't wait to try that out!  I might borrow a chicky from someone too and make it pink or blue (Photoshop of course not dye).  I'd love to hear more Easter/Spring ideas if anyone has any.

Still lovin' my life!

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